LA Times photo partnership with Access Books

Literacy Partnership with the Los Angeles Times

In 2019, we secured and shaped a partnership between the Los Angeles Times and Access Books, a trusted nonprofit that has donated over two million new, high-quality books and transformed over 300 school libraries in Los Angeles’ most underserved neighborhoods.

The charitable collaboration included a $100,000 grant from the Los Angeles Times to Access Books and included a series of creative literacy events for kids and families.

National Wildlife Federation Creates Wildlife Murals in Los Angeles

In addition to supporting the National Wildlife Federation’s #SaveLACougars communication efforts, our team dreamed up a collaboration with artist Jonathan Martinez that resulted in a series of colorful murals celebrating Los Angeles’ famous P-22 mountain lion and other native wildlife.

Martinez, known artistically as, Art of the Endangered, juxtaposes elements of fine and street art and stands out as the only urban artist in California, dedicated to painting and generating awareness for wildlife and endangered species, exclusively.

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